Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 days of 'pei xun'(soli a,my computer no chinese need write eng)

1st day
aha!was so nervous....hate 2 go...bcause no one i know.mayb will b a boring 3 day...but bcause of our 'zhu xi'said something so i went was like this.8.30am...everyone was there...lots of unknown ppl....but still ok...bcause there was onli 30 of them...1st of all,we were saperate into 3 group...6 ppl a group....i was in the 2nd group...every group hav a leader is a 17 years old boy...all of the 3 leader need 2 choose a class---we in 2 xiao.then they need 2 choose a 'chan ping'.n he had choosen a bag....n the three day story starts here...=)it was juz like in a 'gong shi',we need 2 think about a name a simbol 4 the bag....n u know what ....our bag is call[cha ziu bao].u know y??haha...its bcause we want our bag sold like cha ziu bao,very famous....the other 2 group,one of them is about perfume called foxy,they say when u heard about foxy then u will think about wolf,when think about wolf then u will think about'hu li jing','hu li'dou shi hen xiang de(ya meh),they say google say de(ya o)....then another is handphone de called---Lemon (haha)they said yao bi apple pai mai de hao wo....hehe...then we need 2 design about the'ji xiang wu' like bei jing got bei bei, jing jing,huan huan like that de....=)my group a,design jor 8 ji xiang wu...all like cha jiu bao de....very kawaii de...our bag is 'qing xu bao bao' got alot mood de,got happy de,angry de,much more la...n o lagi funny is the 4aren change into ---A to Z bu men....our top officer....when we need 2 'sheng qing' things or approve anything we need 2 write 'gong han'(this very ma fan,but o quite hao wan de)....evrytime the dong shi bu there o,will write letter come n tell us the death line or anything la~everytime we finish a project,we need 2 present it 2 everyone....very funny de,all of us o always 'ji dan li tiao gu tou, zao ta men de mao bing'(very fun),night time we all went bac 2 our hostel(10.30pm),after having some 'jiao liu'....7 ppl a room....when night time o....bcause 2 hot jor,so i and three of my friend sleep at the flour(put tilam de la),sleep botom of the fan....but o...we until 1 am also didnt sleep,keep talking n talking,my friend lagi cham,play violin in the room(cant sleep),the hostel student all complain(hahaha)....
2nd day....=3
very very very tiered day....bcause o~night b4 that i onli sleep mayb 5 to 6 hour onli~~~(cry)that day leh,we need 2 do the packaging---'bao zhuang',then need do the 'ji xiang wu'de~(use paper clay do).then we need 2 请代言人,杂志,电台来做宣传。。。哈哈,still need use handphone invite they all...we 'yuan ben shi qing' ladd gaga de but ppl use we choose until the'price'---我们的主席。。then o要设计海报和宣传单 night that time we need 2 think about the was so funny of the other group....all of us need 2 act....the first group....hp de~they o really very funny de(lan de xie)still got 音响的....2nd is the foxy de....haha...the story is like this...a king want 2 choose a 贵妃 got 4 ladies give thier 手帕 2 the king....the king smell the first three n threw thier handkechisf the last wan手帕(boy de),it the foxy wan la...then the king say wan 2 marry this was so funny...n our group wan o...very long 8 段。。。因为我们有卖8种情绪包包。。。i was acting a boss..the story is about a boss scolding her worker that dun know how 2 sell the one day the worker saw a man was berpisah with her garl friend....then the story started....(very long,lazy 2 write=p
ok the third day
we need 2 do the 场地的3d造型出来,at noon all of use wear until very formal,bcause we r going 2 have a大型发布会like that de...after that 4 noon the 培训was over....=)hehe ends...


  1. 哇……

  2. 还有还有~~~

  3. no la~quite fun...发生了很多趣事。。。呵呵

  4. 他们说,当看到这foxy 就立刻会想到‘狐狸精’,反正狐狸精是比较有魅力的麻~对比对??

  5. 好乱= =。。。错字好多咧?~有些看不懂= =