Friday, August 27, 2010

old jor....a happy birthday~

so year had gone...
n 2day is my birthday b4 that jie er told me 2 on my cellphone at was midnight,mayb 11 something nearly 12am she called,she's the first one that told me happy birthday,n was in a dizzy that i forgotten what i replied her.....Some of my friend did send me lots of wishes,thx 4 them.....^^
morning....i woke up,my family all huge me an told me happy birthday n parents gave me n ang pau.....(haiz)reach 2 school,i juz hope 不是很多人知道我的生日,duno y,juz hope 2 have a silent birthday this year....when i went in my class ,no one know about my birthday,juz jie er n eng qiao told me happy birthday....事情就这样延续到2nd recess....lots of ppl started 2 sms me.....telling me happy birthday....thx 4 them that still remember my birthday^^....some from other scool also got d ,erm "satmary"(duno how spell),my 干弟la,my friends at skul also got,my eng teacher also remember my birthday,such a in my class also sang the birthday song 2 me.....quite happy that time.....=)1st time the class sang 2 me....after skul i went 2 it room after whole facebook was my friend wishes,thx 4 them wishing me,my lai chee friend stands much make really really very suprise,boys n girls also a lot.....this made me a little 感动~at last thx 4 u all,u gave me an 不能忘记的生日,大约有100人祝贺我吧,谢谢你们,真的没想过哦。。。开心了一下^^


  1. haha!i think im the last one and the lastest one
    said happy b-day to u XP(actually im in spite of it~~)
    i just want to gv present to u and d...
    bt tat day i cant bring it~paiseh~~~
    so i next day only bring it for u ~~
    hope u like it ya!~~

  2. 我太迟祝福你了啦……>.<